Full Experience Colosseum

The Full Experience Colosseum guided tour is the right tour for those who want to breathe the whole atmosphere of the Colosseum Archaeological Park! 

Rome has always been a city like no others; it is permeated with people, stories and famous people and everything that you visit, you don’t just see it, but you love it with all of yourself!

 This tour lasts approximately 5-hours and it is the only one that will give you the widest view of the entire accessible archaeological area. We will talk about what stimulates your curiosity: from the emperors who built the Colosseum to gladiators; the games that took place there; where did the ancient Romans live?

 What was the Roman Forum for them? Where could the Senators be seen meeting? At a set schedule we will enter the Arena to admire the majesty of the Flavian Amphitheater, aka Colosseum, from a point of view that few are lucky enough to enjoy! It is the same view that gladiators, animals or stage operators had almost 2000 years ago…. 

To say that it will cause you goosebumps is an understatement … Truly a unique experience!

If the tour starts at the opening time (i.e. at 08:30 am) the image of the empty Arena will be stock, as an indelible image, in your memory forever!

Our visit will then continue, with the rest of the Colosseum and the other archaeological area: Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. 

From the Palatine hill we will look out to observe the remains of the largest Roman circus ever built, the Circo Massimo. Then, depending on the admission time, we will be given the option for two special entries: 

• the Palatine Antiquarium: the only museum in the area containing many archaeological finds from the area;

• the Studiolo: a special visit to the beautiful Cubicle, painted with red walls of II Pompeian style, belonging to the sumptuous imperial villa of Augustus.

Immediately after, few steps away, we will also see the remains of the first human agglomeration: the huts of the Iron Age, dating back more than 2000 years ago!

We will, then, continue towards one of the most spectacular views of ancient Rome: the Roman Forum and a part of the Imperial Forums… A breathtaking view is guaranteed!

Lastly, the walk to the Roman Forum, to be added to your bucket list! Here we will see: triumphal arches, temples, basilicas, remains of insule and the great memorial of the first dictator of Rome, Julius Caesar.

With the imposing background of the Capitoline Hill, our walk will end inside the Forum; in this way you will have the opportunity, for those who wish, to stay inside the Colosseum Park as long as you want and explore more in depth everything we will visit together.

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Details of the Tour