Hi, I am Giovanna, nice to meet you!

Before you read about me and my tours, I want you to know that you will not find the rates of individual visits on the website. If you will give me the opportunity to be your official guide in Rome, please, contact me and explain your needs; what your children like and what you think is suitable for them; your desires and what you really want to visit with your kids in Rome.
I am here to offer you my professionality and happiness to be with you, I will be your guide and tour director.
The prices of the individual tours you read on the blog are only those referring to events or temporary exhibitions that I offer monthly. 
I also remind you that the site is not exhaustive of the whole My Roman Way offer – guided tours in Rome for children, therefore I invite you to contact me to taylor make your visit, your itinerary, your journey together!

First of all I'm a mom!

As a parent, I want my little girls to learn to love all cultures the world has to offer! If stimulated, kids are ready and willing to learn and if it can also be done in a funny way, then the mission is accomplished!
I think we live in a time where everything goes too fast, you don’t have time to dwell on things.
No one is to blame, this is the way it is!
But, what can we do to improve our life and especially that one of our children who will be our future? After the lockdown and the difficulties encountered with them home, I identified myself with many other mothers who feel the duty to do more for their children, to help them understand that our culture is steeped in history and art and that they are both connected with our whole current life. 
So I made up my mind: I decided to create guided tours for children in Rome.
I have been a guide and tour leader for 16 years. 
I have a degree in Cultural Heritage with a master degree in Tourism Management. 
I have been studying tourism, art, archeology, geography of tourism, tourist law and 5 languages ​​since I was 14: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian Sign Language – LIS.

My wish: to introduce the beauties of Rome to the little ones!

I have always loved traveling and discovering new cultures. 
I did most of my studies abroad and this allowed me to get in touch with people from other worlds!
Back in Rome, I realized that the best way to express myself, with all my cultural background acquired over the years, was to become an official tour guide; because I am a local, I live in Rome and I want to show and make children and their families aware of the splendor of this eternal city. 
Many people come to admire its monuments, its history, its food, its tradition, its hidden truths and its secrets … Well, after 16 years of experience in this field, I realized that I am “an ambassador of Roman culture for children “! …
I really like children. They are open, they have no barriers, they want to learn and never get tired!… So why not create guided tours in Rome with activities / games where they can have fun while learning ?! 
It’s all a journey for them: from the beginning to the end!

My daughters, my husband, my two cats and my dog ​​constantly remind me of the beauty of my city, of traveling and learning! The world turns and so does my desire to discover, to improve myself, to learn many things … I can’t wait to show you how to visit Rome with your children! We will have loads of fun!

Lots of activities to learn while having fun!

let's visit Rome together!

Lots of tours for the whole family!

what we want to see?

Let's build your itinerary together. I will be happy to guide your family through the beauties of Rome!

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