trastevere, ghetto, farnesina

My Roman Way offers you a Walking Tour of Trastevere, Ghetto and Farnesina, to discover the hidden treasures of the Eternal City.

We will start with an unmissable gem located in the Trastevere neighborhood: La Villa Farnesina.Pretty sixteenth-century villa built on the banks of the Tiber river at the behest of the banker AGOSTINO CHIGI. It is a harmonious treasure of architectural elegance, also thanks to the intervention of artists of the caliber of Raphael, Sodoma and the architect Baldassarre Peruzzi.

Immediately after the visit we will head towards the center of the district, visiting the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, an important Catholic place of worship in this district. So dear to the people of Trastevere, it contends with SANTA MARIA MAGGIORE the primacy of church dedicated to the Virgin. Inside we will admire the original wooden ceiling of Domenichino’s Assumption, then we will see the Baroque Avila Chapel and we will talk about the miraculous “fons olei” which is the reason why the church was built. To get to the jewish quarter we will cross Ponte Garibaldi with the wonderful Tiber Island. In Roman times this island was very important because there was the important TEMPLE OF ESCULAPIO, God of Medicine

Once we arrive at the Ghetto, where the oldest Jewish community in Europe lives, we will visit the remains of the Portico D’Ottavia, the ancient access to the capital of the Roman Empire from the Tiber river; we will, then, see the Fountain of the Turtles with Piazza Mattei, Piazza delle 5 Scole and we will end with the remains of the Marcellu’s Theather.

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Dettails of the Tour