saint peter and the vatican museums

Ready for a unique five-star experience? With the St. Peter’s & Vatican Museums tour by My Roman Way you will admire the wonders of the third most visited museum in the world and the largest Christian church ever built!

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of the statuary collection of the Pio Clementino museum where there are works such as the Laocoon and the Belvedere Torso that have inspired great artists of the caliber of Michelangelo. Following a pre-established path, we will stop to admire the enchanting beauties of the Candelabra, Tapestry and Maps Galleries.

We will then continue our visit to the papal apartments with the majestic Raphael’s Rooms and we will culminate with the famous Sistine Chapel, which will send you into ecstasy!

The third gem of the tour will be the St. Peter’s Basilica. Thanks to a special entrance reserved only for official tourist guides, we will directly access the Church which, still today, preserves the tomb of the first Pope in history!

The stately immensity of this place permeated with history and religion will wrap you! Together we will see Michelangelo’s Pietà, the Bernini’s famous canopy, and many other works!

At the end, if you still feel like it, there is the possibility to climb the Dome.

Therefore, we invite you to take a look at tour St. Peter’s Basilica & Dome tour. Finally, if you are interested in a more in-depth visit of St. Peter’s Basilica, My Roman Way also offers the Tour of the Four Main Basilicas, where you will visit the churches of San Paolo, San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore.

Details of the tour