rome under the stars

Romantic, mysterious and simply beautiful! The Rome under the stars tour will make you fall in love with this fascinating city, unless you already are!

The meeting point will be in front of the Trajan’s Column, on the side of the SANTA MARIA DI LORETO CHURCH. Here we will be immediately wrapped by a quiet atmosphere, different from that one of the day, but charming at the same time!

Your gaze will be lost to admire the illuminated ruins of the Imperial Forums and the Colosseum. On the opposite side looking as a frame, the imposing monument dedicated to our nation: The Victorian or the Altar of Fatherland. The lights that illuminate it are majestic at night! In fact, to enjoy a breathtaking view of this splendid monument, we will move to the center of Venice Square … And, maybe, who knows, we may take a magnificent picture entitled: “Rome under the stars”!

Immediately after we will walk up to the Capitoline Hill to fall in love with the most beautiful view of the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Palatine Hill, that you can imagine!

Strolling through Via delle Botteghe Oscure known for the CRYPTA BALBI MUSEUM, we will arrive in a historical place: Piazza di Torre Argentina…Not everyone knows that this is where Julius Caesar was betrayed! … Perhaps because the name of the square is misleading or, perhaps, because the remains of the four republican temples hide its memory; the fact is that this is where our famous dictator found his eternal end!

Not far from here we find Piazza Navona. A spectacular square that only after sunset acquires its true charm. It is almost unimaginable to think that the remains of a roman stadium lie beneath!

From Piazza Navona we will arrive at the Pantheon. A church, or rather, the oldest temple in Rome, which when it lits up at night, demands respect. Your official My Roman Way guide will tell you anecdotes, curious stories of roman Emperors and legends that make it a vibrant monument still today!

Our last pit stop awaits you few steps from the Pantheon: The Trevi Fountain!

The undisputed protagonist of photos and films, the queen of all the fountains of the Eternal City will be the epilogue of the best Rome under the stars tour that you can enjoy!

If you are interested in learning more about the places visited, My Roman Way also offers the COMPLETE EXPERIENCE COLOSSEUM, ANCIENT ROME or MONUMENTAL ROME tours which will include the internal visit of the Pantheon and much more!

Details of the tour