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Appointments of the month

My name is Giovanna, I have a degree in Cultural Heritage with a master degree in Management of tourism.
I consider myself an ambassador of Roman culture; for me, being a tour guide does not only mean knowing how to explain a monument or know its history, but also knowing how to talk about culture, traditions, secrets and love for one’s city.

Anyone who comes to visit is an ambassador himself, and I am always ready to listen and learn!
As history teaches, Rome has always been a multicultural center, so we are all tourists and visitors in a city that never ends to be discovered!

Before consulting the website I would like to inform you that you will not find the costs of the guided tours (except for those relating to weekly events); I prefer to establish a direct relationship with anyone who relies on me; please contact me (by phone or email) and explain your needs, your wishes and what you really want to do.

I am here to offer you my professionalism to be the tour guide for your visit, your itinerary, your journey!

Rome the eternal city. My Roman Way will be glad to be your guide to discover the treasures and wonders of the city.