Borghese gallery

The Borghese Gallery tour will make you discover not only a museum, but a place where we contemplate the human being, wild and esoteric nature and sacred and profane beauty.

In the heart of one of the most famous public parks in Rome, the gallery  is the first private art collection in the world.

The most impressive works of art from the XVI to the XIX century are housed in the spectacular Casino delle delizie. Thanks to the artistic, and sometimes exaggerated, fervor of Paul V Borghese’s nephew, Cardinal Scipione Borghese, Rome can proudly boasts an exhibition of art envied all over the world!

It is curious to note that from 1903 the park became the property of the state property and was given a new name: VILLA COMUNALE UMBERTO PRIMO; but no one has ever called it like that. In fact, for the locals, Villa Borghese has always remained the real name! … Almost as if to show gratitude to the Pope and his nephew, who 400 years ago, gave their inhabitants a place where they could contemplate nature and art together!

We will go in chronological order, starting from the upper floor with the Deposition of Raphael, a renaissance work which, in a religious key, exposes a very particular sad story.

We will then move on to admire artists of the caliber of Correggio with his Danae, in the sculpture we will talk about Alessandro Algardi and Nicolas Cordier. We will, then, continue with The Hunt of Diana by Domenchino, Leda and the Swan attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and we will end with the symbol of the Borghese Gallery, Sacred and Profane Love, an enigmatic work of the wise Titian.

Downstairs we will lose our gazes on Bernini’s marvelous statues, which represent the main reason many visitors come to the Museum.

We will love the statuesque beauty of Paolina Borghese by Canova…She even lived in the Casino for a short time.

Finally, there will be a tribute to the great and controversial Caravaggio where the Borghese collection expose the largest number of paintings in the world.

If you are interested in other works by these artists, we remind you that My Roman Way also offers the VATICAN MUSEUMS FULL VISIT tour which includes the Art Gallery.

We, therefore, invite you to take a look!

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